My business had been running for just under a year when I realised that I had out grown being able to store and post my own jewellery, and that I needed a specialist distribution centre to handle my shipping needs. Finding the right one was extremely important to me, as my business is my “baby” and therefore it was imperative that I  found a team who would give my brand the care and attention it needed. I did my research and saw a couple of large warehouses who managed many big retail brands- but I was concerned that my brand (being delicate jewellery) would get lost in the vast space. I wasnt just looking for a large warehouse who had the space for me- I was looking for a team who understood my brand, understood the attention for detail that we were looking for, and understood that presentation, speed and accuracy of service is everything to us.

From the minute I met TGM, I knew I was in good hands.They have a small team approach, with large team capabilities. No job its ever too big for them and nothing ever too troublesome.

One week after meeting Yve and her team, we installed Carrie Elizabeth into their space and have never looked back. We have since grown 200% on the year, and the best part is never having to worry about whether our distribution team can handle it. They will grow with us, at our pace and will support us along the way with accurate and efficient service.

I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Carrie – Founder, Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery.