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Testimonial – Carrie Elizabeth

My business had been running for just under a year when I realised that I had out grown being able to store and post my own jewellery, and that I needed a specialist distribution centre to handle my shipping needs. Finding the right one was extremely...

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Testimonial – Espère Healthcare

When we were looking around for a warehouse it was important for us to find a fulfilment warehouse that not only provided an excellent service but also a company that understood our demands and needs and one that would also have the capacity to grow with...

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4 reasons why direct mail shouldn’t be written off

In today's technology-dominated world, the idea of sending mail through post is laughable, and using it as a marketing tool even more so. After all, why would anyone use this archaic system when virtually every person can be contacted through email, social...

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Testimonial – Empiribox

We are a specialist company supplying primary schools with a comprehensive science course covering the entire national curriculum for key stages 1 & 2, emphasising practical science investigations. This means that every term we deliver a wide range of...

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Test Post

Established in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK in 1996, Total Global Management (TGML) Distribution Services offer mail order fulfilment services and postage of bulk mailings, processing everything from self mailers, direct mail, catalogues, magazines, letters, postcards...

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Let’s do this

We've installed your chosen theme and setup your site. Now it's your turn to start building. Follow a w3project Fast Path for help and guidance.

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